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Cloud Services

Cloud refers to the large variety of most wanted services to companies and customers online. The advantage of cloud services is that these applications and resources are affordable, thus providing simplified design without any internal infrastructure or hardware installations.

Cloud Services Types

  • Generally, there are three main types of cloud services they are (IaaS) Infrastructure as a service, (PaaS) Platform as a service and (SaaS) Software as a service.
  • With IaaS, organizations can have control over computing, network, and storage components within the premises without any physical contact. PaaS provides a framework for developers to develop custom applications. SaaS makes internet software available to organizations via third parties.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

A dedicated public internet provides complete services on computing, storage, networking, and other elements that we call IaaS. Users can own and manage the OS, applications & data running on the infrastructure and pay, as per the usage.

PaaS (Platforms-as-a-Service)

PaaS (Platforms-as-a-Service) provides a restful platform, on which we can run the applications and IT infrastructures needed to run.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

A widely recognized cloud service is known as SaaS Software as a Service. So it will be considered to be the largest category that encompasses a variety of services, such as file storage and backup, webmail, and project management tools.

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