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Testing Services

Divine IT services functional testing solutions confirm that each of your software application capacities works in conformance with their social prerequisite specifications, guaranteeing conduct adherence and quality.

Our top-tier software quality confirmation services save costs by automatic-upgrading of speed, quality, security and client experience.

Significance of Software Testing

We offer complete software testing and quality confirmation services for your desktop, web, portable, and cloud-based applications.

Types of Testing Services

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Automation Testing

Automation in testing helps solve the difficulties with quick improvement cycles. So you can respond positively to the rising client requests and improvise the application quality. Our automated testing approaches can enable your business by guaranteeing accuracy through quick, consistent and computerized test suites.

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Functional Testing

Divine IT services is an esteemed software testing solution provider to practice function testing as the most important procedure and implement the it straight to the point. We thoroughly check all possible methods of testing providing input by multiple ways and check whether we get a proper response for the inputs.

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Mobile App Testing

We do testing based on similarity, functionality, execution, security of mobiles versatility applications with different OS formats, brands and resolutions. Covering a broad scope of cell phones, virtual gadgets by testing for similarity testing assist us with hanging out on the lookout.

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Web App Testing

We can follow your web application absolutely from the first phase of the development to the mere completion of projects till maintenance and support. Our web testing services depends on the standards of complete straightforwardness and exhaustive correspondence among customers.

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Performance Testing

Performance testing is a significant piece of the programming testing process. It tests the adaptability, solidness and speed of an application which provides responsibility and excellent execution.

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Security Testing

We confirm that with web security testing, each information will be sheltered from hacking threats and malicious activities, developing the assurance level between our customers and their clients.

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Usability Testing

Applying accessibility and user experience, we start testing, and we assist organizations in advancing through engaging, easy to use, and natural interfaces. We offer an intensive examination of the program, utilizing the A/B technique and considering client needs and your market particularities.

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API Testing

Simple API disparaging are taken into consideration on testing robotization to be entirely built preceding the actual API for a simulation approach that is more reasonable and versatile. Subsequently, help your business become quicker with dependable and fascinating design solutions.

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