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Personalized video

Our personalized video project for the university aims to build individual connections and enhance communication between staff and students. This application is specifically designed to support the inclusion of a single department. It is provided with individual login IDs, department management, student-staff management, and the use of video format for addressing course-related queries.


  • Super Admin Module
  • Staff Module
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personality video

Each user including the super admin, staff members will be provided with unique login credentials. The super admin will have access to create and manage a department, allowing for the seamless addition of students and staff members.

This application ensures that every student is assigned to a specific staff member, who can oversee multiple students. It facilitates effective communication and support, enabling staff members to address the individual needs and concerns of their assigned students.

The use of personalized videos serves as the primary means for students to inquire about course-related queries. Through this medium, students can easily submit their questions, and staff members can respond with detailed answers and explanations. This promotes better understanding and engagement among students, as they can revisit the videos at their own pace.



Staff management


Student management


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Video capturing


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